The Guide to the AR1000

Design EQ is happy to offer The Guide to the AR1000, a complete, 91-page guide to understanding and using the AOR AR1000 family of wide-range hand-held scanners.

The Guide covers all models of the AR1000, including the AR1000, the AR1000X, AR1000XC, AR1000XLT, AR2000, the Fairmate HP100, HP200, and HP2000, as well as the Trident TR1000XLT/TR1200 and the Camnis HSC-010.

While this family of scanners stands by itself, in terms of features and capabilities, there is very limited documentation available for it. The Guide to the AR1000, written for both the beginner and the experienced scanner user, fills this gap.

The Guide is organized into four sections:


The Operations section provides information on the basic operations of scanning and searching. It includes step-by-step instructions on each technique and gives improved, alternative methods of operation from the factory instructions.


The Applications section provides higher-level techniques and tips on using the AR1000, including how to copy a group of channels to another area of memory, how to set up car radio-like buttons, advanced usage of the search function, using the AR1000 in your car, and more.


The Accessories section talks about the accessories that come with the AR1000 and additional accessories that will improve your scanner experience. It has a section on customizing the AR1000 and includes instructions for extending the frequency range for older models.


The Reference section contains a complete description of every display indicator, button, and control on the unit. Each item is described in detail and problems that a user might encounter are explained and addressed.

An Appendix contains a list of useful frequencies and refers the reader to scanner-related books, magazines and frequency guides.

Because this publication is produced independently from AOR, it discusses both the good and the bad points about the AR1000 and finds ways to get you past the AR1000's famous "idiosyncrasies."

"Frankly, the bottom line is this: this is the ultimate owner's manual."
- Monitoring Times

"If you own an AR1000, then this is book you must have."
-U.S. Scanner News

Free download

The Guide to the AR1000 is now available for free download as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file. To read this document, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader V3.0 or greater.

The Guide to the AR1000: Download (315 KB)

Note: If the Guide starts to display in your browser rather than downloading, this is because you have the Acrobat extension in your browser plug-ins folder that lets you view an Acrobat file directly in your browser. To download, try the following:


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